Power & Associates is an independent medical examination and rehabilitation solutions company. 100% Canadian owned and operated, we specialize in the provision of fully independent, expert, timely, defensible, and cost effective independent medical examination IME services. As a specialist IME provider we assure full arm’s length independence and impartiality with a solid ethical foundation. Our guaranteed QA is performed ONLY by regulated health care professionals and is more rigorous that anything economically viable to other IME companies. Further we are more flexible and responsive to the demands of our clients, 24/7, and in real time. We outperform on speed, quality and cost. We have conducted thousands of independent examinations (including CAT determinations) involving all medical and rehabilitative disciplines with consistently positive feedback on the quality of our services. We would welcome any opportunity to bring our extensive experience and expertise to bear on any case you may have, regardless of complexity or geographical remoteness, and we sincerely invite you to contact us at any time for more discussion on how we can provide you with the level of commitment, expertise, and superior service your business truly deserves.

Additional to our examination services we offer customized, targeted, responsive and integrated healthcare solutions to our partners and clients alike via a complete range of seamless Medical and Med-Rehab Assessment and Treatment services.

Power & Associates maintains exacting standards for the medical and health care personnel selected to work on our team. Specifically, we employ only regulated health care professionals with substantial experience, expertise, and a proven track record of excellence. All of our medical and professional staff members are fully accredited members in good standing in their respective professional regulatory bodies. Additional to the professional liability insurance coverage carried by all of our professional staff; Power & Associates maintains comprehensive Errors & Omissions and Commercial Liability Insurance.